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C-DEngine documentation

C-DEngine Documentation

Thank you for your interest in the C-DEngine – the rapid development framework for IoT solutions.

With the C-DEngine (pronounced “seed engine”), you can develop distributed solutions connecting local on-premise devices with enterprise and cloud services.

The C-DEngine can automatically generate a modern Natural Machine Interface (NMI) that is compatible with any HTML5-enabled browser running on mobile devices such as tablets, pads, smart phones, and desktop browsers. The NMI automatically provides a combined view of the user interfaces for all the “Things” on each of the nodes in the distributed solution (we call it a “Mesh” of relay nodes).

This depot contains the current documentation of the C-DEngine. We are constantly working on new documents.

Coding with the C-DEngine

NMI (User Interface) Development

coming soon!

Assembling a solution

Concept and White Papers

Diagnostics and Trouble Shooting

FAQs, Tips & Tricks

Blogs and articles

If you want to contribute, please create a branch or fork in the corresponding depot and when you finish create a pull request.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to open an issue on GitHub, or contact us at